How to start accepting crypto payments in your online store?

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Our features for accepting cryptocurrencies:

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We currently support the following cryptocurrencies:
We can add the cryptocurrency you need upon request

A little more detailed:

  • When a user chooses to pay with cryptocurrencies in the shopping cart, he is redirected to the page of our system for paying in cryptocurrencies.
  • The price formation process is as follows: the cost of the whole order is converted into USD, and then into cryptocurrency. The rate is calculated by the official Central Bank of your country, without commission.
  • Payments in USDT cryptocurrency are very fast, about 3 seconds. After payment, the user’s payment page signals to him that the payment was successful. You, as the owner of an online store, receive an email that the payment was successful.
  • From our system, you can withdraw cryptocurrency to any other address at any time. We advise you to withdraw to your cold wallet in our wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are payments tracked?
Payments are tracked according to our unique system, by adding unique numbers to each payment, which do not directly affect the price, but allow you to identify the payment, and more importantly, allow you to save on collecting all payments later on 1 wallet.
How do I save with your payment tracking system?
Usually, when paying on the Internet through cryptocurrency, the client always receives a new address for payment. Each invoice has a new payment address. That is, if you have 1000 orders per day, 1000 addresses will be generated for you and 1000 addresses will receive payment. In order to collect all payments later in one wallet, you will need to pay 1000 times the commission, even if you put many addresses in one transaction, it will be very expensive. In short, 1000 transactions = 1000 fees (for example, one dollar per transaction). This greatly increases the cost of this payment method. With us, because of the unique technology and therefore the differing amounts per one millionth of a dollar, we collect 1000 payments to one address and only then change it. It turns out savings on commissions by 1000 times.
What other benefits?
We have the fastest system on USDT, the payment takes a few seconds, for the first few blocks and the status is Success. Due to the use of stablecoins, there is less volatility on the exchange rate, which allows you to use the cryptocurrency as a regular payment instrument with minimal risks, but with very good anonymity, even if you do not need it.
How then to withdraw the collected cryptocurrency?
Choose any address from your hot wallet, pay a commission of 1 USDT and send.
Do I need to verify the store or company to get started?
Not needed at the moment. In the future, some jurisdictions around the world may need it.
If the payment fails, will it be possible to manually resend the payment link?
Yes, you can send a payment link through any messenger (or by mail). When paying a specific amount to a specific wallet, regardless of where the payer got this information and even through which third-party wallet he paid for it, the order will automatically receive the paid status.
Does your system send a separate email to the customer about the payment?
At the moment there is no email sending. We do not store your clients’ emails. But plans to send a letter, but again, we will not store customer emails.
Does your platform store any information?
Stores your email without further explanation, as well as anonymized history of anonymized transactions without being tied to the address of your online store. We do not even store the address of your online store.
Are there any trackers tracking information on your end?
From our side there is no tracker, marketing cookies and so on. AdGuard AdBlocker shows proud 0 and we are proud of it.
Does your platform share customer information?
No, and we don’t plan to.
What fiat currencies does your system support?
Approximately 147 world currencies, i.e. Almost all. Attention, the USDT rate is not always exactly 1 dollar. Sometimes it is 0.999 or 1.001. Indirectly, this also applies to other currencies, first your currency is taken, for example, the Norwegian krone, it is converted to US dollars at the rate of the National Bank of Norway, and then USD is converted to USDT at the average rate of the tracker (coingecko or coinmarketcap).
Can I add my own cryptocurrency to your system?
At the moment, if your cryptocurrency is on the Tron blockchain and under the TRC20 protocol (03.09.2023, also added the ability to ERC20 Ethereum and BEP20 Binance Smart Chain tokens), there are the following possibilities:
  • Within only your store or chain of stores (up to 10-15), we can add your cryptocurrency for 1990 USDT, payment link, after payment, write us an email at, specify the exact store addresses, information about your token and we will give these stores additionally your coin via API. Your users will be able to pay you with your own cryptocurrency. We can set the rate, both hard and from open sources (coinmarketcap, coingecko).
  • If you want to add your coins to our entire network, you need to own at least 1% of our shares.
  • The rest of the blockchains are on the way, if you send us an email with your blockchain and how we implement it, we will let you know.

    Our payment system is focused on everyday smooth use, so we prefer stablecoins. However, we plan to accept very volatile crypto currencies in the near future.

    If you want to clarify something, write to our technical team. support. Attention, support only works for those who purchased the professional version of the wallet and thereby became a Premium user, got the opportunity to download an application for signing transactions offline and other benefits. Cost from 69$. Also try our super secure offline private key generation system to be sure that the private key of your wallet belongs only to you. Well, and cold wallet, where you can use your cryptocurrency without sending your private key anywhere, but keeping it on your computer, smartphone or USB flash drive.