Mitilena is an anonymous hardware crypto wallet with passive multi-banking

Our wallet works on the principle of a network-isolated device, the same concept is used to store secret documents in governments, the military and large corporations.

Supports USDT, BUSD, USDC, BTC, ETH, XRP and 4000 more cryptocurrencies. Supports banks in over 20 European countries to passively view account balances and transactions.

You can view the balance of your cryptocurrency accounts and your EU bank accounts in one place

We have everything: safety and convenience.

Our crypto wallet consists of two parts. The first is the web version (or mobile app) where you view balances, accept payments, monitor the price of cryptocurrencies, and so on. This part communicates with the internet and blockchain nodes. And the second hardware part (paid), in which you sign transactions as securely as possible (here you operate with your private key).
If you do not need strict security, you can sign transactions online from the first part too and absolutely free, while the private key is kept by you and is not sent to our server, we do not have access to it.

Now, we will list the benefits of our wallet for both: expert users who already understand the topic of cold wallets, and for ordinary users who just need some kind of secure crypto wallet.

Our benefits unlike other hardware crypto wallets:

  1. You do not need to wait for the physical delivery of a flash drive with a wallet, you can immediately receive a digital copy that is installed on your flash drive.
  2. You can pay for your wallet in cryptocurrencies without giving your address and name, you will receive a completely anonymous digital copy.
  3. The hardware wallet does not send any sensitive or statistical data to our servers, it works offline (without a network).
  4. The wallet works not only from a flash drive, it can be installed on an iOS mobile phone or any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) that is no longer used to access the network (for complete security). Or, of course, you can install it on your regular everyday computer that has a network connection, then the level of security will decrease slightly (at the level of a regular standard hardware wallet)
  5. For normal monitoring of your accounts, it is not necessary to connect a flash drive with a wallet to your computer, a flash drive is used only to sign a transaction.

What are our advantages for ordinary users who just want to use some kind of secure wallet?

  1. If you are from the European Union, then passive multi-banking is available to you. This means that you can check all your bank accounts simply by entering our wallet, before that you need to link our wallet with a passive view of your account in a very simple procedure. This takes 15 seconds. If you go shopping and want to quickly check which card you have how much money on, you no longer need to go to your banking application, you will see it in one place, in our crypto wallet. You can simultaneously connect an unlimited number of your bank accounts in different banks.

    It looks like this:
    pasivní multibankovnictví s krypto psd2

  2. The private key is kept by you. If our wallet site is somehow hacked (almost anything can be hacked), then hackers will not be able to take your funds because they will not find your private keys in our database.

  3. You can use the wallet absolutely anonymously, no one will ever be able to block you in our wallet, because we will not even know that you are using it (we do not use any advanced statistics and user clustering systems such as Google Analytics, Facebook (Meta) pixel and other tracking through cookies). We just look at the nginx server logs to understand the approximate site traffic, nothing more. The main functions of our wallet are available without registration. And all this is free!

    You are now on our company’s blog website (Mitelena), which runs on conventional technologies, this is not the wallet website (Mitilena), whose security features we are now describing to you. This is done to protect against possible phishing.
  4. You can save the private key locally in your browser in encrypted form and send cryptocurrency without copying a long private key, but simply using a short pincode that is not transmitted anywhere and always remains on your device in your specific one browser. It is very convenient and quite safe. The pin code is also stored in the hardware wallet mode, while a different pin code can be used for each individual blockchain address!
  5. There is a large selection of cryptocurrencies in our wallet, we are constantly adding new ones, we have an understandable system for tracking cryptocurrency transactions, you can send a link to your friends for tracking transactions.

The current price of the wallet

Wallet type Three-year free updates Lifetime Free Updates
Web wallet where the private key is stored in your browser free
Passive monitoring of accounts in EU banks free
Module for offline generation of blockchain addresses and private keys free
Hardware Wallet Digital Copy (Windows, Mac, Linux) $146.9 $196.9