How to install Mitilena cold wallet app on your iPhone? (iOS)

Mitilena iOS app, how to install

The application is installed in a few clicks. It’s a Progressive Web App (PWA), without any permissions on your phone, so it doesn’t even need the Apple Store or install any certificates.

1. You can only install using the native browser for iOS, i.e. Safari. Preview in instant messengers or other browsers are not suitable for installation.
2. Separately open the Safari browser, go to to the wallet website (or another link if you are installing another application, for example offline signature), immediately select the desired language, bottom center in the browser you will have such a button (usually you click it when you want to share a link).

install wallet iOS app, Mitilena
Is there no such button? Are you sure you’re using the Safari browser?

3. Click on the “Add to Desktop” menu.install web app iOS
4. That’s it, now you will see an application icon on the main screen.Mitilena iOS app, how to install
5. The app updates itself when you log into it.

This is not just a link to a website, it is a fully adapted application using modern PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology.

Question: why is the app not in the Apple Store?
Answer: because Apple wants 30% of sales from everything sold in the wallet if the app is distributed through the Apple Store.

Question: what is the main advantage of the application over the web version of the wallet?
Answer: faster loading due to cached images, improved security due to the lack of browser extensions, more secure storage of encrypted private keys (clearing the cache in Safari does not clear the cache in the Web App) and, of course, convenient start from your phone’s desktop.

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