Why can our wallet be used without registration?

crypto wallet without registration
Why can our wallet be used without registration?

Many people are accustomed to the fact that in any service on the Internet you must first register. However, if you remember the birth of the Internet, it will be seen that 15 years ago registration on many sites was not mandatory.

It was quite normal to go to a forum and leave a comment without registration under any name.

Over time, the greed of webmasters began to grow and we each time more and more often saw the requirement to register before commenting on an article.
As a rule, this was due to the fact that capturing the user’s e-mail the creator of the site tried to “remind” about themselves by mailings about some news and so on.

All this resulted in massive waves of spam to users’ mail. Mail servers began to fight this by creating separate folders for mailings, where users do not look and inventing strict rules for mailings: mandatory link “unsubscribe” and so on.

Then it was picked up by the creators of web applications. And now, in order to make an invoice in pdf to someone, it was necessary to register on a certain site. Now the situation has reached an absurdity, so that whatever you want to do, you have to register first.

At the same time, the “collectors” of e-mails, names and telephone numbers are often unable to protect the security of this data. They write these data in plain text in databases, and leave default passwords admin:admin or in the case of Redis, authorisation without password.

This state of affairs has already started to be fought even at the level of national governments, introducing different laws like GDPR and so on. However, these laws were written by brothers or sisters of those webmasters who force everyone to register. Therefore, in fact, people received nothing but the “Accept cookies” button.

Seeing this situation from above, in the abstract, we decided not to force users to register.
However, some people who are already used to registration everywhere they can, do not understand how something can work without registration.

Now we will explain to you how it happens:
1. The balance of any wallet on the blockchain is publicly available. Nothing technically forbids you to take the addresses of Ilon Musk’s wallet and add it to your wallet. Unless you can impress your friends who don’t know this simple fact.
2. Saving the addresses (wallets) that you have added to yourself does not necessarily need to be stored on our server, this data is quite stored in the memory of your browser. You can clear this data by clicking something like “Clear browser cache”.
3. So if you are working from the same browser, such as Google Chrome or Safari, and you do not clear cache and cookies all the time, you can use the wallet without registration.

Are all features available without registration?

No. It is logical that if you use the wallet from your computer, the data is stored on your computer. And if you enter the wallet from your smartphone, it will not be able to load your added wallets from your computer, because these two entities are not connected in any way.
And if you register, the list of your added wallets will be stored on the server. And if you have added something on the computer, it will be displayed in the smartphone and in the application and everywhere you log in under these data (login:password).

Another possible question is whether it is possible to use the application to wallets without registration?
Yes. And this option is even better, because in the application you will not accidentally erase cookies and cache. And the data without registration will be stored there for a very long time.

However, still, do not forget to keep copies of private keys at least in printed form.

I hope I have explained this topic well. If you still have any questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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